A Little Flashback Friday


Happy Friday! I wanted to flashback a bit to my roommates dog circa 2006. The dog- Bonnie, was a rescue and the sweetest dog, but as you can imagine, quite shy. Once she became familiar with you though, she warmed right up. In this photo, we were in the Halloween spirit and attempted to dress her up as a Dinosaur. As you can tell by the look on her face, she wanted non of it, so we took it off, but not before capturing Bonnie in all of her Halloween glory.

I would LOVE to see some photos of your dogs in Halloween costumes so please share in the comments below.




Tuesday Tails

A Tuesday Tail is a short blurb aka Tail about dog memories. Here is mine..

My Tuesday Tail is about my childhood dog Sunny, an apricot colored toy poodle. When I was younger, I compiled a specific order of nicknames I would call him. I don’t know where my 7-year old self even came up with these names or the particular order. Although Sunny is long gone,  I still refer to him by these names and even made le boyfriend memorize it. Here it is 🙂

Sunny Bubba Bubbster Herman Bob Fred George Socks.

What nicknames do you have for your dog?

I hope you join me in sharing your Tuesday Tail!

Dogs- all over the world

There are many reasons I love to travel. I love how it makes me feel apart of something larger than myself and constantly reminds me that regardless of looks, languages or traditions, we all have more in common with each other than we think. I was in Barcelona a year and a half ago and we were having dinner with a group of people. Some were our friends and some we had just met that night. Our friends spoke broken English but others in the group only spoke Catalan. I will tell you, it’s challenging to have a dinner conservation when neither you or the person sitting across from you speak each others language. At first, all I could do was smile at the older man sitting across from me. He smiled back and we sat awkwardly for a few minutes.  He must have noticed that the menu had me perplexed because he leaned over, pointed to an item on my menu and gave me the thumbs up.. When the food came he smiled, I smiled and he gestured for me to try his paella and I did the same. We communicated with smiles and gestures for the rest of the evening and I felt like I knew him better than some people I had been in full-fledged conversations with in my own country. It dawned on me..  We all share some basic elements- love, fear, laughter, sadness, a thirst for interaction. The list goes on. Whenever I see dogs when I travel, I’m reminded of these common elements :). I’m obsessed with taking pictures of dogs I see wherever I go, so I’ll be posting pictures of them, as it reminds me of my journeys and of the commonalities that bind us all.

Dogs I encounter in my travels.

Beautiful dog in Rome. This photo belongs to scoochyourpooch.

Dog Days- Winter Pick Me Up

Since the winter has been so brutal for many, I wanted to share some throwback photos from the Doggy at the Park event at U.S. Cellular Field a few summers ago. U.S. Cellular Field is where the White Sox play and although I enjoy sports I was there to see the dogs of course. Let’s just say I was in heaven! I truly couldn’t get enough and could have stayed all day. I hope these photos remind you that summer is upon us and there is light at the end of the polar vortex.

Can you help me identify the breeds in these photos? If so, please leave them in the comments!

Stay warm and enjoy!

Dog Days

Dog Days

Dog Days

There’s always time to party with Newfies.

I have to share this photo of these beautiful Newfoundlands! When we have a larger space, this breed is first on our list to add to our pack.


Creativity speaks dog too

There's always time to party with Newfies.

Stasha takes really cool moment photographs of her gigantic Newfoundlands, and awesome son. This is one my favorites.

Check out her website: http://www.nortwestmommy.com
Her instagram for her photos: northwestmommy

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Springer Spaniels – Hope and Rosey

Our family has a Springer Spaniel named Abbey so I had to share this joyful video of these Springer Spaniel sisters Hope and Rosey. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Happy Hump Day!

For more on these beautiful spaniel sisters check out their blog!