Tuesday Tails

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time for Tuesday Tails!

My Tuesday Tail is about Josie, our 12-year-old family Pomeranian. She is all black but turning grey as you can see. A few years ago when she was younger and had more energy she would do the cutest thing that still melts my heart till this day. She didn’t want to jump down from the couch to the floor so I would pick her up and place her on the ground. Princess-like behavior, but I chuck it up to her small size and a tall couch. As I would walk away she would run up behind me and put her cold little nose on the back of my leg. When I would turn around, she would run away like the dickens! Although she’s now older and a bit curmudgeonly, I can’t help but look at those fun days and smile. To me, she’s the cutest little fur-ball in the world am I’m so lucky she’s still with us.

Please feel free to share some of your Tuesday Tails with me in the comments below.



Pensive Josie

Pensive Josie


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