Tuesday Tails

Good morning!

Life has been happening at a pretty quick pace recently so we have some catching up to do! It looks like we’re going to be signing the lease at that apartment complex that does the “Doggy DNA.” Even though it has some outlandish rules, it’s nice, new and close to where we need to be.

I went on a family cruise recently and the topic of dogs came up, naturally :). One side of the family has a Springer Spaniel named Abby. She’s 9 years old and for the last few years she has been very hot/cold. It’s hard to know what sets her off, but when she is set off, she will growl, run after you and try biting you. For instance, she was barking at another dog and someone told her to stop, so she started growling and came after the person trying to get her to stop. I was petting her lightly with my foot and she seemed to like it as she rolled on her side seeming to want more. When I stopped she rolled over on all-fours and growled, so I backed up. As I stepped back, she got up and came after me on her hind legs trying to bite me. I had to jump up on the kitchen island for higher ground to escape her madness.



After doing some research, we were wondering if she has Spaniel Rage? She does have dominance issues, as you can see in the picture, she shouldn’t be sleeping in the chair among other things. She really only started to exhibit this behavior within the last few years and it seems completely random. Has anyone else experienced/heard of this?


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tails

  1. My last dog was a springer, but he was as sweet as possible. But I have heard of springer rage — caused I hear by inbreeding. But I don’t think it happens suddenly. Maybe Abby is sick. That makes me grumpy!

    • You have heard of it too? It was the strangest thing. She does have Addison’s Disease, which she’s on medication for. So far this summer there haven’t been any issues with her rage but I still keep my distance. Was your Springer a field or show breed?

      • He was a show breed — but he was born in Switzerland where they don’t have the problem of Springer rage. But from what I know of it (we considered getting another springer in the US) — it happens throughout the dog’s life. I have not heard of it just starting up in an older dog. That’s why I think she might be ill — and in pain. Or the medicine doesn’t sit well with her. Or she needed the medicine she’s now on and that makes her feel better so that she isn’t aggressive. Pick one!

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