Dog Food For the Soul

I want to start off by thanking everyone who follows/reads/comments/likes my blog! It means so much and I guarantee I love reading your blogs just as much if not more. I feel so lucky to be a part of this great dog community.


Harmful dog food isn’t breaking news but I think it’s important to keep the conversation going so I want to share a little story.

My dad is a professional magician and has customers that come from all types of professions- hotel managers, lawyers, pilots, doctors, teachers, clowns, even Cesar Millan! (I will be posting about that in the near future) My dad knows I’m obsessed with dogs, as I nagged him incessantly when I was 5 about getting a dog. He eventually gave in, thank goodness. Anytime he meets anyone in the pet industry he makes sure to tell me about it. A few years back, he had a veterinarian as a customer and the Dr. told my dad that he had numerous clients come in with severely sick dogs. Lo and behold, it was traced back to dog food, NOT just treats, made in China. He warned my dad not to by any animal food products made in China because the ingredients they put in the food/treats kills  or severely harms dogs-it was like poison. Although I’ve read about this in the news it was even more alarming to hear it coming from a veterinarian, someone who sees this first hand.

I have heard feeding dogs human food can be detrimental, but what about creating organic dog food that can be made with at home ingredients? Granted, the shelf life would be nil but at least the contents would be known and contain less harmful chemicals.


Are there certain dog food brands that are better than others or do any of you make your own organic dog food? If so, I would love to hear what recipes you use.




One thought on “Dog Food For the Soul

  1. We buy dry food made in the US. Making our own food is not something that is practical for our lifestyles. I looked into dehydrated raw food, but the price was not at all affordable for us.

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