Dogs – All Over the World

Today I’m taking you to Nice, France where both the scenery and food are delectable.

Nice, France beach

Nice, France beach

Nice, France eatery

Nice, France eatery


I also got a glimpse of what a day is like in the life of a dog in Nice, France and I must say… all of these years of treating them like humans has finally paid off. They have evolved! 🙂  First there was this Bichon Frise riding around town on a scooter. I asked if I could hitch a ride but he said there wasn’t any room. The photo is blurry because I had to take it quickly before he drove off. I guess my camera couldn’t focus in time.


Dog on scooter

Dog on scooter


Then there was the German Shepherd mix sunbathing. He must have left his towel and book at home.


German Shepherd sun bathing

German Shepherd mix sun bathing

Happy dog days of summer!



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