This week at the Humane Society- PB and J

Ok, not really PB&J but these two fun-loving siblings are the perfect pair- like PB&J or maybe PB&M (Marshmallow fluff) You get my drift.  Sebastian and Sabrina are 4 1/2 year old Shepherd Chow Chows. You can only adopt them together and after hanging out with them I could see why. They do OK with other dogs but prefer to play each other. They have lots of energy and have different ideas about playing.

Sebastian loves the water, and in a behind the scenes clip I’ll post later, you can see that he wanted me to share in the water fun too. Sabrina was not too keen on the water but had fun running around in the play area. They both were having such a fun time playing that they ran into me and almost knocked me over! Those squats at the gym have really been paying off. I had a blast hanging out with these two and hope you will pass the word along to anyone that might be interested.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Call: 813.876.7138
Adoption price: $50.00 each




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