Be Like Water? Be More Like Dog

Hop on the emo train with me for a few minutes.

Since I can remember, I have had the hardest time living in the moment. Lately, I had an even harder time- mainly worrying about the future and things I have no control over. Boy is it a vicious cycle that’s both mentally and physically exhausting! Exercise has been a great stress reliever and after reading some articles (and being a dog lover of course) I found some interesting information about dogs and living in the present.

Dogs live in the moment. Even the ones that have been traumatized can live in the moment (with the proper rehabilitation and care). They don’t sit around worrying about the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. People on the other hand, are masters at this. Our wheels spin and spin and hours upon hours are wasted thinking about what might or could happen. The imagination can run wild and these little stories that we tell ourselves over and over again can be quite convincing.

As Cesar Millan says, “They (dogs) do not re-live the past or worry about the future…they just are.” If you think about it, dogs do not stay mad at you for days or weeks if you accidently step on them or resent you if you accidently leave them in the garage. Thank goodness for that otherwise my childhood dog Sunny would have been pissed off all of the time. Just like Bruce Lee said “Be Like Water,” maybe we should try to “Be More Like Dog.” Not in the physical sense or actions obviously but in the sense of just being. So what are some things I have found helpful?

Exercise – Any kind will do. It might be hard to get yourself there, but take the little excuse monster in your head and Nike (Just Do It) the crap out of it.

Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self- I think this is from an Ice Cube song or movie?  Either way it sums it up perfectly. When you find yourself drifting off into the past/future check yourself. Acknowledge what you’re doing and bring yourself back.  How do you bring yourself back? That takes me to the next tip.

Breathe- Ok, this one is so cliché but I have to tell you it does help. Short and fast breaths might make you might pass out so aim for deep and slow ones. Not only is it relaxing but it help bring your focus back to your breath-the present.

What have you learned from your dog and what tips/tricks do you have for being present?


This week at the Humane Society- Good Golly Miss Molly!

My time with Molly was filled with water, sand and so much fun! I didn’t know what she was going to do next, but I was all in.

I had so much fun hanging out with Molly and hope you will pass the word along to anyone that might be interested.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Call: 813.876.7138
Adoption price: $50.00

True Doggywood Story- Minnie, the Life of an International Model

Meet Minnie. She leads a double life as an international super model, modeling for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel.. just to name a few. Here are some of her Instagram photos.


The life of an international model consists of passing out in French hotel rooms after a night of heavy partying and Apples to Apples.

Passed out in a French hotel room after a night of heavy partying and playing Apples to Apples.

When she's not partying, she's taking Selfies..

Selfie book cover.

Giving her angry runway model look..

Angry runway model fierce.


Smizing – thanks Tyra.

Just like Linda Evangelista, Minnie doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day..

Just like Linda Evangelista, I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day..

Just when the "puparazzi" tries to sneak in a photo, Minnie knows and finds a way to pose.

When the paparazzi tries to sneak in a photo, I always find a way to give them my best angle.

Update on Darling!

I’m so excited to share the news that Darling found a furever home! Not only was she adopted, but her little sidekick, lovingly named Lil Darling (after Darling) was adopted by the same family. Here’s the wonderful story:

Darling and Lil Darling cuddling in their new furever home!

Darling and Lil Darling cuddling in their new furever home!

This couple at the Humane Society expressed interest in adopting a dog and possibly even two. They were being told by one of the Humane Society volunteers that there was this little dog named Lil Darling and how she was named after this other dog, Darling.

Darling and Lil Darling eating in their new furever home!

Darling and Lil Darling eating in their new furever home!

Since the couple expressed interest in two dogs, the volunteer brought Darling out and Darling immediately went over and put her head in both laps of the couple! Talk about double the love, double the happily ever after! Here is Darling and Lil Darling at their new furever home!

Our family Springer Spaniel – Abby

Speaking of Indiana.. for Labor Day we went to visit family in Indiana and had the chance to spend some time with the family dog Abby- an English Springer Spaniel. While up there, she celebrated her 11th birthday! I can definitely tell she’s getting older. She tires our much faster than she used to and has some added little quirks. For example, she won’t go up the stairs unless the light is on and she will only walk half way out on the boat dock. She has to be convinced to walk to the end so we can put her in the boat. She still however, loves to get into the neighbors garbage, which is a scary thing because the last time she did that, a chicken bone became stuck  in her throat.

We had a great time and it was great to see the entire family. In this photo, Abby is cooling off after spending some time outside. Does anyone have an aging pet that has started to exhibit some odd quirks?





This Week at the Humane Society – Meg

We went out of town for the holidays so I’m a little behind on my videos. We went to Indiana to visit family and boy was the weather a fantastic relief from this Florida heat!

Meg knows this Florida heat all too well but she found a great dirt hole to cool off. It took her no time to get used to me and once she did, my gosh was she loving. Sometimes I think the dogs know they are being filmed and ham it up for the camera aka Ipad. She kept giving me her best angle and I couldn’t get enough of her smiling from ear to ear. 🙂


The Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Call: 813.876.7138
Adoption price: $50.00

Sock Mafia

When I was younger, I couldn’t tell you how many mismatched socks I had but it was a lot! My 10-year old self had two theories.

A. There was a magical black hole in the washer/dryer that my socks had fallen into.

B. My Toy Poodle Sunny Bubba had taken them.

After all, he would always steal them and they would disappear, never to be found again. I was convinced that when we left him alone in the house, he lead a double life as the head of the Sock Mafia- he even had the first name of a Corleone. And my socks? Sunny Bubba’s Jimmy Hoffa.

When we moved I was sure we would find all of those missing socks. After all we were packing everything. Behind the couch? Nope. Under the bed? Nope. The mystery for me was never solved. So when I came across this story, I had to share.

A 3 year-old Great Dane was rushed to an animal hospital after falling ill and guess what they found… 43 1/2 socks inside of his stomach!


Great Dane Swallows Socks

Great Dane Swallows Socks – Photo from AP

Great Dane Swallows Socks

Great Dane Swallows Socks – Photo from AP


At least the sock caper has been solved for one family and they now have some closure. (and thank goodness the dog was ok)

For the rest of us? I put my money on the Sock Mafia.