This week at the Humane Society- Darling!

This week I spent some time with Darling, a 3 1/2 year old Terrier/American Pit Bull mix. Unfortunately, anytime someone says “Pit Bull” the first thought that pops into a person’s head is “dangerous.” I go back to what I believe and that is, it’s not the breed but how the dog was raised/treated by the owner. I hope people can put the Pit Bull stigma behind them because Darling was the sweetest and most caring dog I have had the pleasure of spending time with so far.

Darling came from Animal Services in labor and lost her babies during birth. Around that same time, Rottweiler puppies had lost their mom so calls were made to find a nursing dog for the Rottweiler puppies and because of the circumstances, Darling was available. Sadly, the Rottweiler puppies Darling was nursing died of Parvo, a highly contagious disease spread from dog to dog. Although she lost her own puppies and the Rottweiler puppies she was nursing, you would never be able to tell she suffered such loss because she’s so resilient, loving, kind and sweet as you can tell in the video. We can all learn something from Darling.

If you or anyone you know is interesting in adopting Darling, contact:

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Call: 813.876.7138
Adoption price: $50.00


Doggy DNA?

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you but it was difficult getting up this morning due to Daylight Savings Time. On the plus side, it will be lighter out longer!

So, it has been awhile since we’ve been apartment hunting and there is something that I didn’t notice as much before. The “Pet Policy” apartments and condos have. We went to one complex and they literally swab a dogs mouth “doggy DNA” as they call it, when you first move in. That way, if you don’t pick up after your pet, they will test the poop and be able to match it to the doggy DNA swab and fine you. What!? Maybe this is commonplace now but my goodness! There are also a lot of pet breed restrictions I have noticed as well. For instance:

“The following is a non-comprehensive list of dogs that are not permitted:
Akita, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Pit Bull including American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier, Chow…” The list goes on. Has it always been like this? I realize I can always find a place that doesn’t have these restrictions but I was shocked by some of these “Pet Policies.”