Be Like Water? Be More Like Dog

Hop on the emo train with me for a few minutes.

Since I can remember, I have had the hardest time living in the moment. Lately, I had an even harder time- mainly worrying about the future and things I have no control over. Boy is it a vicious cycle that’s both mentally and physically exhausting! Exercise has been a great stress reliever and after reading some articles (and being a dog lover of course) I found some interesting information about dogs and living in the present.

Dogs live in the moment. Even the ones that have been traumatized can live in the moment (with the proper rehabilitation and care). They don’t sit around worrying about the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. People on the other hand, are masters at this. Our wheels spin and spin and hours upon hours are wasted thinking about what might or could happen. The imagination can run wild and these little stories that we tell ourselves over and over again can be quite convincing.

As Cesar Millan says, “They (dogs) do not re-live the past or worry about the future…they just are.” If you think about it, dogs do not stay mad at you for days or weeks if you accidently step on them or resent you if you accidently leave them in the garage. Thank goodness for that otherwise my childhood dog Sunny would have been pissed off all of the time. Just like Bruce Lee said “Be Like Water,” maybe we should try to “Be More Like Dog.” Not in the physical sense or actions obviously but in the sense of just being. So what are some things I have found helpful?

Exercise – Any kind will do. It might be hard to get yourself there, but take the little excuse monster in your head and Nike (Just Do It) the crap out of it.

Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self- I think this is from an Ice Cube song or movie?  Either way it sums it up perfectly. When you find yourself drifting off into the past/future check yourself. Acknowledge what you’re doing and bring yourself back.  How do you bring yourself back? That takes me to the next tip.

Breathe- Ok, this one is so cliché but I have to tell you it does help. Short and fast breaths might make you might pass out so aim for deep and slow ones. Not only is it relaxing but it help bring your focus back to your breath-the present.

What have you learned from your dog and what tips/tricks do you have for being present?